Brainjuice is an independent creative agency, founded in 2012 and specialized in the design of high value-added places. Its strength? A talent platform which allows us to build a tailor-made team for each project, and an exclusive methodology, based in particular on co-creation.



  • Strategy & branding

    Observe and analyse your environment to define a logical guideline.
    By putting the user at the heart of our thinking, we design differentiating strategies to enhance each place we develop. A factory of memories with a joyful, dynamic and above all positive tone.

  • Customer experience

    Thanks to our expertise in all contact points, we create the right balance between usefulness and desirability in your premises. From the most basic to the most original, we ensure that each touchpoint contributes to the overall harmony of the project, encourages interaction and revisits the practices for your customers of today and tomorrow.

  • Content design

    The touch of the WOW effect you need, that little something which fascinates and impresses. Sometimes it’s the details, sometimes it’s monumental works...something always makes the difference and reinforces the strategy we have created together.



Methodo 2

Through our experience, we have built a multi-sectorial methodology adapted to all types of projects: offices, shopping centres, hotels, concept stores, restaurants, ski resorts... From site audit to site management, we adopt a global approach in order to accompany you from the genesis of the project to the site handover.


We seek, we find

  • Audit

    Ecosystem analysis to identify issues and opportunities

  • Positioning

    The first step towards your differentiation, the one which will guide the creation

  • Programming

    The essential elements for a unique and seamless customer experience


We invent, we test

  • Customer Experience

    Layout of contact points, from the most basic to the most experiential

  • Brand identity

    Formalization of the pillars of your project, translation into a visual identity

  • Content Design

    The WOW touch to transform your site into a must-see location


We approve, supervise and deliver

  • Artistic Direction

    Alignment with the project philosophy and creative strategy

  • Project Management Assistance

    Assistance until the project is completed

  • Project Management of Execution

    Project execution steering


Our talents

We attract talents with a vast array of skills and experience. Because each project is unique, we tailor every project team accordingly.

  • Christophe Parot

    Christophe Parot


  • Maxence Devilder

    Maxence Devilder

    Head of Strategy

  • David Moulin

    David Moulin

    Head of Graphic Design

  • Irazu Oseguera

    Irazu Oseguera

    Head of Design

  • Rémi Mathieu

    Rémi Mathieu

    Talent Coordinator

  • Julie Augé

    Julie Augé

    Project Leader, Design

  • Charlotte Bontemps

    Charlotte Bontemps


  • Stéphane Brogniez

    Stéphane Brogniez

    Motion Designer

  • Sabrina Crézé

    Sabrina Crézé


  • Antoine Delille

    Antoine Delille

    Landscape Architect

  • Hugo Fabri

    Hugo Fabri

    Graphic Designer

  • Alexia Feldheim

    Alexia Feldheim


  • Bruno Faivre

    Bruno Faivre

    Graphic Designer

  • Alicia Finet

    Alicia Finet


  • Florence Gaborit

    Florence Gaborit


  • Juliette Geeraert

    Juliette Geeraert


  • Marine Huard

    Marine Huard

    Junior Designer

  • Clémence Lebouvier

    Clémence Lebouvier

    Junior Designer

  • Noémie Raussens

    Noémie Raussens


  • Margaux Terret

    Margaux Terret

    Junior Graphic Designer

  • Ariane Van Dievoet

    Ariane Van Dievoet

    Project Leader, Design